Plan your school visits!

Museum of illusions New Delhi is a unique visit experience for students as they have the opportunity not only to have fun but to learn a lot about vision, perception, human brain and science.
Come with a school group of at least twenty people and find out why your eyes see things that your brain can’t understand. Plan in advance in order to get the desired term. Choose the unexpected and check out what awaits for you in the WORLD OF ILLUSIONS™.

School groups are required to book their visit at least seven (7) days in advance as school visits are planned according to bookings and other museum activities. For each school group, the Museum offers free entrance to teachers and professors.

For any further information or to book your term please contact us at e-mail: or call at Phone: 011-40813301, (Mobile) 8595753885, 8750044418.

Information Note:

  • Students are required to come in school uniform.
  • Minimum Guarantee of 100 pax.
  • Need to send Section wise group for guided tour.
  • Students Teachers ratio is 10:1.
  • Museum slots are fixed and visit timing can not be changed after booking.
  • Booking needs to be confirmed one week in advance.
  • Outside eatable/drinks and school bags are not allowed in the museum.
  • Payment for booking should be 100% in advance.
  • Management will not be responsible for loss of any article while visiting any attractions.
  • Cancellation before two days from the date of the event is allowed, after that cancellation would not be entertained.
  • The price and other terms & conditions can change as per MoI Management discretion.

50+ Exhibits includes*:

Ames Room, Infinity Room, Reversed Room, Vortex, Colour Room, Building Illusion, Tilted Room, Beuchet chair Illusion, Hollow Face Illusion, Rubin Vase, Head on the plat, Kaleidoscope, Swap Noses, Infinity Wall, Infinity Tunnel, Magic box, Nuts and Bolts, Ambiguous Cylinder, Clone Table, Tricky Stick, Tricky Rings, Turntables, Magic prism, Zoetrope, Moving Picture, the master of Numbers, Moire Patterns, Jastrow, Shepard's Boxes, Holograms, Stereogram, colors, true Mirror, The Black dot, Hearts Floating Circle, Moving circles, Bulging Squares, Frasier spiral, Blivet, Impossible Triangle, Grid, Hypnotic Vibes, Apparition, Muller Lyer , Angle, Ponzo's, Following Eyes etc..

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